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The start & finish of the All Kayak Trips in Lagos is from a small beach that is located near to the city centre of Lagos. The unofficial name of the beach is Praia de Batata and is located just inside the harbour jetty with the red tower.

The official address (for example for satellite navigation) is:
Avenida dos Descobrimentos
Cais da Solaria
8600 Lagos

We are located between the Clube de Vela (sailing club for dinghies) and the 16th century fortress “Forte da Ponta da Bandeira”. The nearest road is the N125 which follows here the Avenida dos Descobrimentos.

On the beach are 5 kayak companies located. Seen from the fortress, the first company uses a mini-van as meeting point, and we are the 2nd company and use a square and boxed trailer. On the trailer is a large sticker with our logo saying KAYAK ADVENTURES – CHECK-IN. 

trailer kayak adventures lagos

This map shows you the location where Kayak Adventures Lagos is situated. 

Visit our online booking system today to reserve the trip of a lifetime!
In case you would come by car, the easiest way to park is in the underground parking garage on the main Avenida dos Descobrimentos. Your car is parked in a cool and safe place, and we are just 5 minutes walking away.

Lagos is easy to reach by bus and train and Kayak Adventures is just away 20 minutes away by foot.

meeting point kayak lagos batata

kayak adventures lagos meeting point

location kayak adventures lagos

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